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In Times of Trouble

The past few years have been a trying time of troubles and upsets for many of us.  I’d say all of us, but some seem insulated in their worlds and oblivious to all the turmoil.  This article is for the rest of … Continue reading

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Hallelujah by Kathy Carmichael

Back in the seventies (I never thought I’d begin a sentence like that), churches were for the most part very traditional, unlike today’s churches which feature live bands, and contemporary Christian music, and lots of things that are unique to today’s church experiences. Okay, back in the seventies (it was lots of fun to say that so I needed to type it again), I was a member of a youth group at a nearby Methodist church. Continue reading

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How to Turn Dreams Into Reality

by Jim Denney, adapted from ANSWERS TO SATISFY THE SOUL: Clear, Straight Answers to 20 of Life’s Most Perplexing Questions In April 1914, when C. S. Lewis was fifteen-and-a-half, he went with his father and brother to the Belfast home … Continue reading

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Inspiring Things… by Mary Alford

As an author, inspiration comes to me in the most unusual of ways. I never know when an idea will take flight. Maybe it comes from something I’ve seen on TV, or overheard in a conversation. It can even come … Continue reading

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A Prayer for the Blank Page

by Jim Denney “Almighty God, bestow upon us the meaning of words, the light of understanding, the nobility of diction, and the faith of the true nature. And grant that what we believe, we may also speak.” —Hilary of Poitiers (A.D. … Continue reading

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Do you dream of being a writer?

by Jim Denney Mark Twain retreated to a shed at Quarry Farm in New York, where he wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Renaissance philosopher Michel de Montaigne used to write his books in a high tower of his château … Continue reading

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When I Write, I Feel His Smile by Elizabeth Goddard

Recently, I was getting ready for church, staring at my makeup mirror to paint my face, listening to worship music. One particular song opened up my soul and inspired my heart with great love and adoration for Him–worship in its … Continue reading

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The Inspiration of “I Run 4” by Julie Arduini

In a few minutes I leave for the annual IEP meeting to determine what helps our daughter will receive in the coming year. We recently moved so it is with a new district (we attend a Christian school so my … Continue reading

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The Life in Our Stories

I haven’t blogged here for a few weeks, well, maybe a few months. But life has interfered and not in small ways. My husband and I are risk-takers, and when you’re in ministry, sometimes that means moving. A lot. We’ve … Continue reading

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Keeping it Fresh

For me writing is vocation, avocation, vacation, and variation. I’ve never gone with a publisher who is sold on the concept of branding because I know I have to go where the spirit leads. This is so intrinsic to my nature it … Continue reading

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Happy To Be Here by Tara Randel

 Hello! My name is Tara Randel and I’m excited about posting here at Christians Read. I’ve been writing for what seems like forever, but published since 2000. It’s been a long process, a lot of ups and downs along the … Continue reading

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