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A Nose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet by James R. Coggins

Do you ever have one of those nights when your body craves sleep but your mind won’t cooperate? The solution is to distract your mind. Don’t let it wander toward topics that are troubling or stimulating. As a writer, I … Continue reading

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Make a Connection

by Jim Denney, adapted from ANSWERS TO SATISFY THE SOUL: Clear, Straight Answers to 20 of Life’s Most Perplexing Questions “There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilizations—these are mortal, and … Continue reading

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Boom and Busted

A couple pf weeks ago, my son-in-law was mowing our lawn when our lawn mower suddenly stopped working, for no discernible reason. I was puzzled, so I sent the attached picture to my brother, who is much more mechanically inclined … Continue reading

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A Holy Calling

Opinion by Jim Denney “Deliver me from writers who say the way they live doesn’t matter. I’m not sure a bad person can write a good book. If art doesn’t make us better, then what on earth is it for?” … Continue reading

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When is a Writers’ Conference a Retreat?

By Marilyn Turk Two years ago, I believe God called me to direct a small Christian Writers Conference for our geographic area, the Florida panhandle and lower Alabama. He led me to the location where it should be held, a … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Thanksgiving by Marilyn Turk

By Marilyn Turk As we approach Thanksgiving, I’m counting my blessings as a writer. So often we writers tend to look at where we have failed. We focus on the rejections, the wasted time, the unfinished projects, the guilt of … Continue reading

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How We Spend Our “Spare” Time by Vicki Hinze

Hannah Alexander is unable to post today. She’s without Internet service, so I’m filling in for her. We’re expecting a hurricane by Friday, so I’m a wee bit busy, but I thought I’d share the following video I created answering … Continue reading

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Books for Life by Julie Arduini

There’s so much about the writing process I never considered as a little girl pretending I was going to be the contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder. Even when I took a college course about her life last year I realized back … Continue reading

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    “I can’t take anymore.” “I’m at my wit’s end.” “I’m ready to snap.” I’m stretched to the limit.” Likely, we’ve all heard, said, thought, and/or felt like those statements. Trials are common to us all. Conflict, adversities, doubt, … Continue reading

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Tone and Style

I once read a review of my books where the reviewer stated that my books were light reads. I took that as a complement, even though I suspect the reviewer did not mean it that way. Honestly, I write lighter … Continue reading

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Storytelling: Readers and Writers by Maureen Lang

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest storytelling has been around for as long as mankind. God created us with an imagination and a desire to create . . . perhaps those two traits are the most striking resemblances we have … Continue reading

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What Do Avid Readers and Prolific Writers Have in Common? by Kathi Macias

Avid Readers, Prolific Writers Kathi Macias Though not all children who are avid readers grow up to be prolific writers, there are few such writers who weren’t also lovers of words from an early age. And I am no exception. … Continue reading

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