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Writers and Editors by James R. Coggins

Writers write. Writers write because they can’t not write. They are so overflowing with ideas and stories that they just have to write them down and share them. If they don’t, they feel as if they will burst. I began … Continue reading

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A Manifesto for Christian Writers

I have sometimes considered Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 to be “a manifesto for Christian writers.” Verses 9-11 (from the New International Version) describe what a writer should do: • “The Teacher [was] wise.” This is the first qualification of a writer. It … Continue reading

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Editing and Being Humbled

by Nancy J. Farrier   Have you ever worked hard to make something only to have others find fault? For instance, if you spend hours cooking a meal from a new recipe and your family sits there looking at the … Continue reading

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To Learn or Not to Learn by Marilyn Turk

Have you ever met someone who seems to know it all? Or maybe you’ve dealt with children who believe they know more than you do? It’s very frustrating to deal with these people because when you try to help them … Continue reading

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Book Club Revelations by Julie Arduini

I spent the last few Tuesday evenings with a group of ladies from my church talking about my latest release, ENTANGLED. I admit, the thought of a book club where I’m the author and the attendees are people I’m acquainted … Continue reading

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