Q & A

Q. Do you make Advance Reading Copies available to Reviewers?
We appreciate your interest in our work and make every effort to have ARCs available for established Reviewers, Influencers and Bloggers who request them. Contact us via the Contact page form, tell us where you review and what your lead time is, the book(s) you’d like to review, and we’ll attempt to accommodate you.

Q. Are you accepting new authors?
Yes. Before an author blogs on Christians Read in a permanent slot, s/he writes guest posts. If readers like the posts and want to see more of them, then we would welcome that author as a permanent writer. In the Christians Read program, we are all about the readers. So they govern what we do on that front. Some authors are very good writers but not a good match. Some are excellent matches and join us.

Note:  We have a full staff of authors blogging at the moment, but you’re welcome to join our waiting list.

Q. How do I schedule an interview with one of the Christians Read Authors?
Due to heavy commitments, we don’t schedule the interviews but we do facilitate them. Simply enter your request on the Contact page, name the author you’d like to interview, tell us the medium (TV, Radio, Print, Online Print) and the entity and we’ll pass the information along to the author who will contact you directly to make arrangements.

Q. Do Readers ever post on your Blog?
Readers are welcome to guest post to share experience or expertise that might be beneficial to our readers.

Q. Where do I go to find out when you’ve got a new book coming out?
Our latest releases are on the Book page and Christians Read Today newsletters speaks of new releases. Be sure you’ve signed up to have our articles emailed to you. These deliveries include word of new releases.

We welcome your questions any time.. Let us know what you like, what you wish we had for you here that isn’t yet here.  Your feedback is welcome and your opinions are valued.


Vicki Hinze
Christians Read Administrator and Project Director