When I Write, I Feel His Smile by Elizabeth Goddard

Recently, I was getting ready for church, staring at my makeup mirror to paint my face, listening to worship music. One particular song opened up my soul and inspired my heart with great love and adoration for Him–worship in its truest form. I can’t ever truly show Him how much I love him–but He knows, and it’s not nearly as much as He loves me.

I found myself wishing I could sing like the woman belting out the notes in the worship song. I’ve always wished I could sing and be part of a worship band. I pictured myself singing to the Lord.

At that moment, I knew I had His ear, so I asked Him, “Why didn’t you make me a singer, Lord? I would be singing about you and to you constantly. All the time I’d be worshipping you. For that matter, why didn’t you make me a dancer? I’d love to dance for you.”

A voice like a gentle breeze blew across my heart. “I made you a writer.”

Oh my.

Oh my.

Of course. Of course you made me a writer and I AM writing about you all the time. You made me a prolific writer. I can’t describe the joy that filled my heart. A renewed sense that I’m right where I’m supposed to be in Him, and He is using me for His purposes. There is no greater pleasure than that.

I finished getting ready and headed over to the church. (We live in a parsonage next door) Snatched up a devotional booklet–admittedly something I never do. As I sat in the pew, I thought about how I never read those devotionals so there must be something in there for me today since I grabbed one. I turned to the dated devotional and sure enough, I found these words. “My writing is a form of worship.”

Leave it to the Lord to confirm His words to me.

God: I made you a writer . . . 

Me: I can feel you smile when I write . . . 

Remember, friend, God made you for a purpose. There’s no greater joy than fulfilling His purposes.

Some of you can remember the inspiring movie, Chariots of Fire–the story of runner Eric Liddell who ran for the glory of God.

He said this, “When I run, I feel his Pleasure.”

Watch the clip and be inspired.




Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of more than thirty romantic suspense  novels and counting.

Read her latest release, Double ExposureDouble Exposure Final“You will feel God working throughout this whole book.” — Amazon Reviewer

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