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Who Your Real Friends Are by Julie Arduini

I shared this with my newsletter subscribers and thought the information is wise to share here. Be careful! *** There seems to be an increase of social media creeps leading others on through direct messaging. They often go through author … Continue reading

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I Want to be THAT Author by Julie Arduini

You know the dream where you’re in a room full of people and you’re not dressed? Well, that’s how vulnerable I feel writing this post. Years ago, moments before I hit the “create blog” button that cemented my surrendering fear … Continue reading

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Faceless Book Covers by Julie Arduini

With the re packaging and re release of my first novel, Entrusted, I’ve spent weeks researching images and learning cover design. I’m not quite ready to reveal the covers for my Surrendering Time series (formerly the Adirondack Surrender Romance,) but … Continue reading

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Books for Life by Julie Arduini

There’s so much about the writing process I never considered as a little girl pretending I was going to be the contemporary Laura Ingalls Wilder. Even when I took a college course about her life last year I realized back … Continue reading

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Is it better to love a reader?

The other day while I was out with my daughter, my son-in-law texted her a link describing the many benefits of falling in love with a reader. As you might guess (or know if you’ve read past posts of mine) … Continue reading

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    “I can’t take anymore.” “I’m at my wit’s end.” “I’m ready to snap.” I’m stretched to the limit.” Likely, we’ve all heard, said, thought, and/or felt like those statements. Trials are common to us all. Conflict, adversities, doubt, … Continue reading

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Lifetime Readers

Maureen mentioned her non-fiction reader friends react somewhat negatively when she brings up a book she just read. Jim mentioned that he’s facing an empty-nest, but the good news is his wife is starting to read novels. So where do … Continue reading

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Non-Readers, Beware! I just finished a book . . . Posted by Maureen Lang

Do you have any friends who are dedicated non-readers? I’ve had some over the years, and one of the topics that can roll their eyes the fastest is if I try starting a conversation with “I just finished this book … Continue reading

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My Son’s Girlfriend is a Reading Machine by James L. Rubart

She is. This past weekend she, my son, and two other couples (friends of theirs) joined my wife and I at a lake house. We took them tubing, they went putt putt golfing, played poker where the first one out … Continue reading

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Two Faces of My Reading Life by Maureen Lang

I love escaping into a story world that will allow me to experience all kinds of adventure, challenge, love, and growth. Inspirational novels take me a level deeper and even allow me to feel all over again the astonishing love … Continue reading

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Readers: Born or Bred? Posted by Maureen Lang

I’ve heard it said that if you read to your children, then set the good example of reading your own books where they can see you doing so, children are more likely to grow up to be readers themselves. I … Continue reading

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Let God Talk to You Review by Yvonne Ortega

Some people believe God doesn’t talk to people anymore. I’m grateful He still does. What a privilege to have the opportunity to hear God speak to us. Many of us go to God with our long list of requests. We … Continue reading

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What Kind of Reader Are You? Posted by Maureen Lang

Over the years I’ve belonged to or visited a number of book clubs, which taught me there are many different reader styles. After posing this topic to my voracious-reader daughter, I decided to define the ones we’ve either been or … Continue reading

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Storytelling: Readers and Writers by Maureen Lang

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest storytelling has been around for as long as mankind. God created us with an imagination and a desire to create . . . perhaps those two traits are the most striking resemblances we have … Continue reading

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What Do Avid Readers and Prolific Writers Have in Common? by Kathi Macias

Avid Readers, Prolific Writers Kathi Macias Though not all children who are avid readers grow up to be prolific writers, there are few such writers who weren’t also lovers of words from an early age. And I am no exception. … Continue reading

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