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God is Good by Kathy Carmichael

When I joined this blog, I was told I could write about things in my daily life as a Christian. This makes the topics I can explore extremely broad, which is a help, given that I’m interested in exploring so … Continue reading

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Advice to a First Year University Student

The universities from which I graduated often ask me for things (mostly money). One, a secular, government-run institution, recently asked me to contribute a short note of encouragement and advice to a first year student. I agreed. And then I … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Learning by Nancy J. Farrier

I was a fairly young Christian with a thirst to learn more about the Bible. I attended a weekly Bible study, trying to understand and just listen, but I often had so many questions to ask. At one Bible study, … Continue reading

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A Week of Lessons by Nancy J. Farrier

Last weekend, my husband and I drove to our daughter’s house to pick up our three-year-old grandson. He came back home with us for the week. This is the first time since moving that he’s been at our house. Since … Continue reading

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To Learn or Not to Learn by Marilyn Turk

Have you ever met someone who seems to know it all? Or maybe you’ve dealt with children who believe they know more than you do? It’s very frustrating to deal with these people because when you try to help them … Continue reading

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Back To School-At Any Age by Tara Randel

    It’s that time of year again. The kids are off to school. Those yellow buses that have been absent all summer? Well, they’re on the road once again. It seems like summer had only just begun and the … Continue reading

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