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Getting Rid of Rubbish by Nancy J. Farrier

I recently started attending a Bible study with a small group of ladies. I love meeting with them and looking deep at God’s word. This past week, one passage jumped out at me and had me considering my own actions … Continue reading

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Recalibrating by Julie Arduini

Recently I listened to a live worship experience where the drummer was on one page and the rest of the band was on another. When I explained it to my son, a drummer, I said it was like the one … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Learning by Nancy J. Farrier

I was a fairly young Christian with a thirst to learn more about the Bible. I attended a weekly Bible study, trying to understand and just listen, but I often had so many questions to ask. At one Bible study, … Continue reading

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Faith That’s Tested

  Two of my favorite activities are writing books and teaching Bible study. I love when I can combine the two. When I teach Bible study, I like looking at people in the Bible and considering how they might have … Continue reading

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Unnoticed Moss by Nancy J. Farrier

  We have seen so much devastation in recent weeks. Hurricanes. Fires. Flooding. Since I live in the West my focus has been on the horrible fires. Lives have been lost, homes destroyed, beautiful forests ruined. A heartbreaking loss for … Continue reading

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My Fake Family by Julie Arduini

Years ago, I received a tote bag for Christmas that featured pockets to place your own pictures on both sides. It was a season where I was overwhelmed with moving, young children, and the baby was quite ill at the … Continue reading

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Deepening Your Prayer Life

There are times when shout out prayers are all one can manage. Like when you’re raising infants … on -3 hours of sleep. When, upon learning your now adult daughter wants to go into international missions, and she begins to talk … Continue reading

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New Goals by Tara Randel

Here we are in the month of January, typically the time of year we reassess where we are in life and look ahead to what we might strive to do or change. What’s going on in our career, family, or … Continue reading

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