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Choose the Golf Club by Julie Arduini

If this picture could talk! This was how my teen daughter, nephew, sister, and I spent Good Friday. My sister and nephew now live in what was our mom’s home, and it is 300 miles from my house. When we … Continue reading

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Easter Again by James R. Coggins

Once again this year, in spite of COVID and the attendant restrictions, the Christian church has celebrated Easter. Why do we keep returning to the same themes year after year? The reason is that there are certain foundational Christian doctrines, … Continue reading

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An Easter Prayer by Bridget A. Thomas

When I was growing up, Easter Sunday was a fun day. After church, we had an Easter egg hunt with hard-boiled, dyed eggs (indoors since I grew up in the north). A basket filled with sweets awaited us, courtesy of … Continue reading

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Four Days Late by Julie Arduini

During this season where we’re home and so much is unknown, my newsletter subscribers asked that I share weekly content that encourages. This message has helped me through a lot of personal valleys, and once again served as a reminder. … Continue reading

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Where I’d Be Without Living Hope by Julie Arduini

Words have always meant something to me, long before I decided to make it my full-time focus. I was always reading, and many say, always talking. Lame confession, but lyrics are just as important to me. Maybe it was PMS, … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts Before Easter

by Ray Stedman, introduced by Jim Denney from Ray Stedman on Leadership, new from Discovery House Publishers Ray Stedman was the pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California, for four decades, from 1950 until his retirement in 1990. I … Continue reading

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I Believe, but I Need Proof by Julie Arduini

Every Easter season, I reflect on the disciples and their choices. Our church offers a Passion Play and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, I think about Peter’s transformation from foot-in-the mouth to feet on the ground to … Continue reading

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Easter Greetings by Tara Randel

I’d like to wish all our wonderful readers a very Happy Easter! I hope you, and your families, celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ together! After the Sabbath, at dawn on the first day of the week, Mary … Continue reading

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Easter Memories by Tara Randel

Hallelujah, the Lord is risen! This Sunday we celebrate Easter. For some of the world, it’s a day of bunnies and candy treats found in a basket. But for those who serve the living God, it is a day reflecting … Continue reading

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1 Person Can Touch Millions by Vicki Hinze

  Holy Week has come and Easter has passed. Like for many others, for me, it’s an emotional time. A time of deep reflection on spiritual priorities, on all things spiritual, really.       This year has been a … Continue reading

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Don’t Think About the Cross this Easter by James L. Rubart

The cross has not only become the symbol for Easter, it’s become the symbol for all of Christianity. The reason I say “become” is because it hasn’t always been that way. For the early Christians, the symbol of Christianity was … Continue reading

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Passion Play’s Supporting Characters by Julie Arduini

Each year our church shares the greatest story ever told with a Passion Play. It’s a Broadway-like production with as many as 100 in the cast that also features an ensemble and live animals. The actors are lay people with … Continue reading

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Soul Food and the Heart-Weary Christian by Vicki Hinze

      It’s Holy Week.  Almost Easter.  A revered time for people of faith.  The most revered time for Christians.  Today, I need to chat.  That’s right, to chat.  I need to talk with like-minded people—people who believe.  My … Continue reading

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Easter’s Coming! Time for a worldview check. Posted by Maureen Lang

Of all the holidays, Easter is probably the most important to me. I love Christmas, too, but the older I get the more work and preparation that day demands. Easter, on the other hand, beyond the bunnies and eggs and … Continue reading

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Matthew 27: Wondering What Happened on Saturday by Julie Arduini

Matthew 27 (verse from BibleGateway.com) The Guard at the Tomb 62 The next day, the one after Preparation Day, the chief priests and the Pharisees went to Pilate. 63 “Sir,” they said, “we remember that while he was still alive … Continue reading

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