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The Irony of It All: JAIL FOR BAPTISM—ON GOOD FRIDAY? by Vicki Hinze

On Good Friday, I heard about a legal case.  A divorced couple battling.  The wife had the couple’s child baptized.  The husband, of the same faith, also wanted the child baptized, but not until later in life.  So now the … Continue reading

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Where I’d Be Without Living Hope by Julie Arduini

Words have always meant something to me, long before I decided to make it my full-time focus. I was always reading, and many say, always talking. Lame confession, but lyrics are just as important to me. Maybe it was PMS, … Continue reading

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Delayed Fruit Tastes Sweeter by Julie Arduini

Happy New Year! I missed my last December post not remembering what day it was thanks to the holiday schedule. I was also basking in what had to be one of our best Christmas celebrations to date. After we had … Continue reading

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The Death of a Romance by Hannah Alexander

  I’ve been blogging about love and romance lately because that’s what I write about in my day job, but this morning it occurred to me that  I have also written about the fallout of a dead romance–divorce. Tragically, love … Continue reading

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Who Has Changed You?

A newly divorced girlfriend of mine was commenting to some friends about how her ex husband had changed her, and she didn’t feel it was for the better. I think that, in her case, she was spiritually abused, chewed up, … Continue reading

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