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“Pleasant” by James R. Coggins

Third in a Series The Old Testament character Naomi undoubtedly had a hard life. She experienced famine and exile and lost her husband and her only two sons. As a result, she lived in poverty in her later years. No … Continue reading

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The Bug Zapper by Julie Arduini

It wasn’t too many days after our son’s wedding that the “kids” visited and remarked they saw some unwanted insects in what we call the Florida room. We set traps and in a few days with different strategies were able … Continue reading

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Easter Again by James R. Coggins

Once again this year, in spite of COVID and the attendant restrictions, the Christian church has celebrated Easter. Why do we keep returning to the same themes year after year? The reason is that there are certain foundational Christian doctrines, … Continue reading

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Follow Your Purpose by Julie Arduini

One of my recent reads was to review the book, Captive. You might remember the author, Ashley Smith, was the single mom who in 2005 was held hostage by Brian Nichols. What made her story so extraordinary was that during … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

For the most part, I’ve written sweet and light tales, stories about women and men who overcome personal obstacles, have lessons to learn, and eventually fall in love. I, like many readers, enjoy reading a good romance or watching a … Continue reading

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