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Put the Brakes on the Worry Train by Ann Malley

Let go and let God! Are you kidding me? Do you get frazzled? Do you freak out? I do. There’s still a consistent stream of Oh My at my house.  While I do tend to overload my schedule, I’m blessed … Continue reading

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Reclaiming My Other Shoe by Julie Arduini

I’ve written before that my theme for this year is reclaim. There is so much the true defeated one has stolen from us, and I feel the season is now to go into his camp and take it back. The … Continue reading

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Red, Yellow, Green Light by Julie Arduini

Last week I enjoyed a conversation with a woman at church I hope to get to know better. Her children are younger than mine, so we were talking about the youth group/teen years. One of the things I shared was … Continue reading

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Human Work

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 is a passage about human work, human responsibility, and God’s providence. From the creation of Adam, the first man, God commanded human beings to work. Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 offers advice on how to go about this. Following are the … Continue reading

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What? Me, worry?

  By Nancy J. Farrier What is it about worry that creeps up and grabs me by the throat before I’m even aware of its presence? I know I should ignore this emotion. I know I should be strong. I … Continue reading

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