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Forgiveness Through a Child’s Eyes by Peggy Webb

One of my greatest joys is teaching Sunday School to children, ages two to six. No matter what topic I choose, I learn more than I teach. Why? Because I always come away from the lesson with an innocent child’s … Continue reading

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Put the Brakes on the Worry Train by Ann Malley

Let go and let God! Are you kidding me? Do you get frazzled? Do you freak out? I do. There’s still a consistent stream of Oh My at my house.  While I do tend to overload my schedule, I’m blessed … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It by Vicki Hinze

By Presidential Proclamation, our monthly observance is on Human-Trafficking and Human-Rights Abuse. I want to share a bit about human-trafficking because there’s so much on it in the news right now—and likely will be in the near future. How bad … Continue reading

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A Vacancy for Joy by Kristen Heitzmann

Recently a friend sent me this quote that has resonated on different levels. “I want my life to be an inviting guest room, where joy can walk in and stay awhile.” Ashley Wiersma She sent it because my house has been a fairly … Continue reading

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Coming Across as Christ by Kristen Heitzmann

Two incidents in close proximity have given me the chance to examine how I come across–from both sides. First, after the Weekend With the Writers, I received an encouragement that moved me like a brush of the Holy Spirit. One of the attendees mentioned some … Continue reading

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How much is too much?

My work-in-progress, Indomitable, has a lot of–well, everything. Action: wildfire Reaction: how it impacts the threatened town of Redford, Colorado (from Indivisible and Indelible) and involves the firefighters, police, politicians, and townspeople. New leads: Incident Commander Nash Crawford, Hotshot Eva … Continue reading

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To Read or Not To Read by Kristen Heitzmann

The other night between 12:30 and 4:00 when sleep eluded me, I began a quest to winnow the titles on my Kindle. As Camy Tang said in a previous post, collecting a long list of books to read is easier … Continue reading

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A Sense of Wonder by Kristen Heitzmann

After faith in God, I think the most important thing we can impart to our children–and maintain ourselves–is a sense of wonder. I was talking to my daughter yesterday who took her husband and tots to see the Steamboat Colorado … Continue reading

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Favorite Reading Spots?

I moan and groan a lot about having to travel so much, but I shouldn’t. Not only does it show an ungrateful attitude, but it fails to recognize two important (and very positive) points: 1) My speaking invitations/engagements are obviously … Continue reading

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Are Writers also Mentors to Their Readers?

I’ve posted a picture of a friend named Diane, standing between a script-writer friend named Kathie and yours truly, taken at a recent writers’ conference where Kathie and I were on faculty together. Diane graciously posted this picture on Facebook … Continue reading

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About Writers’ Conferences by Kathi Macias

***The faculty (including myself, fourth from left) just before a panel discussion at the AV Christian Writers’ Conference this past weekend. I just returned from keynoting and teaching at a Christian writers’ conference. As conferences go, it was relatively small … Continue reading

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When was the last time you were truly “amazed”?

“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound.” Nearly everyone, Christian or non-Christian, recognizes those familiar words to the beautiful old hymn. But in a time and culture that cheapens words by overuse, does the impact of the lyrics escape us? When … Continue reading

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Acts of Kindness by Hannah Alexander

Due to my mother’s declining health, I have been the recipient of multiple acts of kindness lately, and those acts are like a touch from God to me, and I’ve learned to show more kindness toward others. It’s contagious. I … Continue reading

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And We’re Off… by Lynette Sowell

Few things draw us into story world like a great opening. During the time before printed books were easy to purchase, before we downloaded books with the click of a button, families and groups would gather around the fire and … Continue reading

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Pre-Launch Day Message by Vicki Hinze

Tomorrow is Launch Day! Two weeks ago, I went in search of a group blog that focused on Christian books and authors. I had hoped to join an existing group, but God had other plans. Instead of learning of an … Continue reading

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