What’s Your Favorite Book? by Nancy J. Farrier

What do you say when someone asks what your favorite book is? Do you have an immediate list of books you can’t part with, or does your mind go blank and you mentally say, “Books? What are books?” I have to admit I’ve been in both places.

It’s interesting when someone asks about my favorite book of the Bible. There are so many answers people give because we all have different needs in our lives and different parts of the Bible address those individual needs.

Maybe you love one of the gospels because reading about Jesus being born a baby and His ministry on earth is fascinating. We can learn so much from the way Jesus interacted with people.

What about the book of Acts? Don’t you love reading about the early church and the outreach they had? Maybe you love seeing God using very flawed humans to take His all-important message to the world.

Then there are the letters in the New Testament, or the Psalms with all the beautiful wording and encouragement. Proverbs has wisdom for us. Maybe the book of Esther where she stood strong against the threat of death for her and for her people. So many good choices.

How do you choose one book that is a favorite? I simply can’t. So, when someone asks me which Bible book is my favorite, I respond, “It’s the one I’m reading at the moment.” Because each book of the Bible has something unique to offer, and I am in love with God’s word.

Invariably, someone will ask, “What about Leviticus?” Who likes the book of Leviticus with all the rules and mandates laid out for the Israelites to follow? Or, what about First or Second Chronicles with all the lists of names that are impossible to pronounce?

Your love for scripture can supersede what some consider dry or boring. With the right attitude, every book of the Bible becomes a favorite. Consider Leviticus:

Leviticus shows us that God’s love is not that of a distant God. He cared about the Israelites to the smallest detail of their lives. He told them how to set up camp so the waste would not contaminate anything. He told them how to care for their homes if disease invaded. He told them how to wash, how to be clean after handling a dead body, how to purify themselves and stay healthy physically and spiritually. He cared about every part of their lives down to the smallest detail. He cares for us the same way. What a comfort that is.

What about all those lists of names? The sons of this person and that person. They’re all dead now so what do they matter? They mattered to God. Mattered enough that He had their names recorded just for being His. You can take heart as you read those lists that God cares for you in that same way. Read each name with purpose. Understand that this person meant something to the God of creation. Each individual was special to God just as you are special to Him today. 

Reading the Bible is so important. The words bring guidance and healing. They show the way, or the path God has laid out for you. These words are life.

So, if you have a favorite book in the Bible, that is wonderful. But, take the time to read those that are not your favorites and read them with an eye to what God is doing and how much He loves His people.

How much He loves you.

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (NKJV)

About Nancy J. Farrier

Nancy J Farrier is an award-winning author who lives in Southern Arizona in the Sonoran Desert. She loves the Southwest with its interesting historical past. When Nancy isn't writing, she loves to read, do needlecraft, play with her cats, and spend time with her family. Nancy is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Literary Agency. You can read more about Nancy and her books on her website: nancyjfarrier.com.
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4 Responses to What’s Your Favorite Book? by Nancy J. Farrier

  1. jrcoggins says:

    I had a friend in university who became a Christian through attending a series of Bible studies on the book of Exodus. That book led him to encounter God.

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  2. What a precious gift the Lord has given us through His Word!

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  3. I’m reading through Leviticus right now, but my favorite is Lamentations. I know, sounds crazy, but the moral of the story gets me very time. It frees me.


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