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Thou Shalt Not: A Short Story by James R. Coggins

The words troubled him. John read them over again. They seemed so archaic. So judgmental. So negative. So out of keeping with the rest of the book. He read them again: “Thou shalt not.” The next day, he returned to … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Book? by Nancy J. Farrier

What do you say when someone asks what your favorite book is? Do you have an immediate list of books you can’t part with, or does your mind go blank and you mentally say, “Books? What are books?” I have … Continue reading

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Giving Back to #foreverbeaustrong by Julie Arduini

When I moved to Ohio, I was completely broken. Sure, I put two feet in front of the other and kept things going, but the grief hanging over me from the season nearly did me in. In a short order … Continue reading

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Summer Reading by Tara Randel

Summer is here! The kids are out of school. Hectic schedules slow down. We might have a vacation thrown into the mix. All in all, a perfect time to catch up on our reading. If you are anything like me, … Continue reading

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Words by Tara Randel

How often do we think about the words we say? Or read? We are bombarded with words from television, the internet, and books. Do we listen or tune them out? Do we take them to heart?  As an author, I … Continue reading

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