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Convinced by Love by Nancy J. Farrier

A few weeks ago, we adopted a new dog. She’s a black lab mix, according to the shelter, and a little over a year old, so still in puppy stage. She’s sweet and affectionate, enthusiastic and energetic.  I named her … Continue reading

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Reflections from a Hospital Hallway by James R. Coggins

They told me to go home and come back in a couple of hours after the operation had been done. That’s when I realized that this hospital was set up to serve people who lived nearby, in the middle of … Continue reading

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Walking Hand in Hand by Nancy J. Farrier

When my children were young, we attended a church within walking distance. We walked to church at least three times a week in daylight or in the dark. No matter the weather, we walked, because it seemed so silly to … Continue reading

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An Interesting View by Nancy J. Farrier

  I enjoy taking long walks in the mornings. I live in a rural area of the Sonoran Desert I walk a loop that is over five miles along a remote dirt track. There are no houses or people. It’s … Continue reading

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Is Reading Dangerous to Your Health? by Elizabeth Goddard

I have enough writing deadlines these days (which is a good thing) that my health might be suffering.  Okay, there’s really no question. And that’s a bad thing. You see, I don’t have time to do much more than write, … Continue reading

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