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Seeking God’s Timing by Bridget A. Thomas

One morning I had to attend a meeting across town, so I planned to go through a drive thru for some much needed caffeine. I also planned to pay for the bill of the car in line behind me, because … Continue reading

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A Pain in the Elbow by Nancy J. Farrier

A few weeks ago, my naturopath asked me to start doing some resistance training for the upper body. I do a lot of walking and hiking but not much to strengthen my arms. I bought some five-pound weights, looked up … Continue reading

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WAITING by Marilyn Turk

I’m not good at waiting. Okay, so maybe I’m impatient. My husband, on the other hand, can wait forever. Plus he has a lot of patience. My husband is retired military. Waiting is part of his training. In fact the … Continue reading

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What Love Looks Like

We hear it so often, it’s become a cliche’. This statement is printed on T-shirts and engraved on wall hangings. It’s even a phrase we say to one another, but the question is, do we live it?  They’ll know us … Continue reading

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Why Values and Morals are Important: Part 4 by Vicki Hinze

Why Values and Morals are Important Part 4 By  Vicki Hinze    NOTE: This is Part 4 of a 6-part series of posts. If you haven’t yet read Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, you can read them now: … Continue reading

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Limping Through the Holidays

Limping Through the Holidays:  Where’s My Magic? by Vicki Hinze Ah, it’s the holidays.  The season of more.  More work.  More chores.  More social events.  More shopping, cooking, decorating, and, well, more.  It’s also the season of “it’s harder to … Continue reading

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When It Isn’t Time by Julie Arduini

One  of my first memories was as a pre-schooler before there was pre-school. I took a stack of hardcover books from the upstairs shelf and waited outside for a school bus that had no plan to pick me up. It … Continue reading

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