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Proverbs of Ashes by Nancy J. Farrier

Sickness. Death. Loss. All difficult to face no matter who you are. Especially when they come close to home, touching a friend or family member. We don’t want to lose someone or face death. We want to cling to life … Continue reading

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Praising from the Pit by Julie Arduini

Do you know Elaine W. Miller?  I first met her in the early 2000’s when she was a guest speaker at my local MOPS group. She encouraged us weary moms and I immediately ordered her book, Splashes of Serenity. Years passed … Continue reading

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Things I Wish I Had Said by Vicki Hinze

  I intended to write about several books I’ve read recently, but then I attended a memorial service where an estranged daughter shared heartbreak and love for the parent lost. That changed everything.  It sent me stumbling down memory lane, and had … Continue reading

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Pray for Your Friends

Been struggling lately? I know I have. Struggles have a way of sending us to our knees in prayer, don’t they? That is, if we weren’t already there. I read via email or Facebook posts about other friends and struggles … Continue reading

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What I Learned from the Book of Job by Julie Arduini

There was a wilderness season marked by sickness, death, and change. Just when I came up for air and felt a sense of normalcy, another event rocked everything I had ever taken for granted. A natural encourager, I was muted. … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Great Expectations in 2012 by Julie Arduini

With Christmas behind us, the conversation of the week seems to be about resolutions. People are reflecting on their year and making goals for the new one. I giggled watching Live with Kelly as Kelly Ripa mentioned resolutions and how … Continue reading

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