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Fall Vacation 2022 by Tara Randel

Last week my family and I went away to spend a week in the north Georgia mountains. It was so lovely to see that the leaves had changed color. We took lots of pictures, went hiking, and relaxed in our … Continue reading

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Climbing the Tallest Mountain by Nancy J. Farrier

A few weeks ago, my daughter and two grandsons came for a visit. The boys, ages two and five, accompanied us to the park or on short walks, but one day I took our five-year-old grandson, Jimmy, on a longer … Continue reading

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The Rocks (by Hannah Alexander)

Last Saturday I was looking outside at the snow and seeing the effects of the wind, and just hanging out, kind of like the cats are here: I hadn’t planned to get outside that day. At all. Didn’t feel the … Continue reading

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Hello From the Mountains by Tara Randel

Greetings! As I write this, I’m enjoying vacation time with my family, seated in a cozy cabin while it is 26 degrees outside. Which is a vast improvement from high 80’s in Florida! Every year we come to the mountains … Continue reading

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Listening to the Spirit by Nancy J. Farrier

    As I’ve mentioned before, I take morning walks. I’ve done this for years, almost always alone – or without human company. I often use the time to pray, or to consider what I’ll be working on during the … Continue reading

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You Need a Break by Hannah Alexander

YOU NEED A BREAK Hannah Alexander How long has it been since you had a vacation? How often have you worked through your vacation instead of taking a break? Have you felt guilty about taking the time off? I know … Continue reading

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