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An Unintended Legacy by James R. Coggins

The patriarch Joseph was undoubtedly a moral and godly man. He is credited with saving Egypt from a disastrous famine. Because of Pharaoh’s dreams and the interpretation of them which God gave to Joseph, Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of … Continue reading

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When Dreams Die by Vicki Hinze

  We begin with a dream.  It might be a pipe dream to some, a lofty one to others, but to us it is a vision and we create it from desire. That desire is often seated in purpose.  Our … Continue reading

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A Friendly Perspective by Tara Randel

This past weekend was a long holiday, the perfect time to get together with family and friends. I met up with local writer friends for a long overdue lunch date. With deadlines, health issues and a full-time job, we haven’t … Continue reading

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What’s Your Dream? by James L. Rubart

I’ve wanted a dirt bike since I was five. Okay, maybe not five—it was more like three. Growing up, I knew it wouldn’t ever happen. No way. Not while I lived with my parents. My mom was not a fan of the … Continue reading

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All About Words and Weddings and Dreams by Elizabeth Goddard

Recently, I went window shopping for a wedding dress with my daughter.  We didn’t go to buy a dress, but simply to browse the gowns and get a feel for what styles she liked.  If you’ve ever been in a … Continue reading

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He Equips the Called by Julie Arduini

I have three school based memories that for decades cemented my fear to write despite my love for it. A middle school teacher who red marked a story to the point it looked like someone spilled ketchup all over it. … Continue reading

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