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Without a Doubt by Nancy J. Farrier

Do you ever have doubts? I know I do. I doubt my ability as a writer. I doubt my worth as a wife and mother. I doubt my testimony as a Christian. And the list goes on. I don’t want … Continue reading

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Happiness is … by Kathy Carmichael

I’ve found that the times I was happiest in my life were those times when I felt the most secure and confident. Continue reading

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My Ripped Pants and Your Shame by Julie Arduini

Spongebob Squarepants has played in our home for close to 20 years. Of all the crazy episodes out there, my husband and son say their favorite is the one where Spongebob rips his pants. It’s comedy gold for those two. … Continue reading

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My Budget Sparkle Confession by Julie Arduini

This is hard to write, but I promised I’d always share what God prompts me to, so if this encourages you, awesome. I’ve been in official menopause since my surgery in 2008. I wasn’t even 40, but the symptoms weren’t … Continue reading

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