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Take Every Thought Captive by Bridget A. Thomas

A few weeks ago, a fellow blogger commented on my post. She mentioned to me that she had tried to comment already, but it didn’t go through. This prompted me to check the spam folder, where I found her original … Continue reading

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Number Our Days by Bridget A. Thomas

Many of us tend to live life on autopilot. We stumble along, from one day to the next. Not fully living, but existing. We react to things that come our way, instead of being proactive when possible. It’s like going … Continue reading

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Living for God in a Pagan Society: What Daniel Can Teach Us

Do you ever feel confused or disappointed with what is going on in the world? Do you feel helpless before unwelcome trends in society? Do you feel pressured and isolated by what seems to be a pagan, God-defying culture all … Continue reading

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When Life Isn’t Fair by Julie Arduini

Growing up, my sister and I spent time with favorite cousins. It was a respite of sorts from a chaotic season and the cousins offered zany moments and memories that are still fresh for me. My cousin, the father of … Continue reading

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LOSING IT ALL: Down to the Bare Soul

Down to the Bare Soul   By   Vicki Hinze   Now, more than ever before, I’m hearing from people who have lost everything. They’re feeling hopeless and helpless. Defeated in life, or by life. Some have lost jobs and … Continue reading

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Do Not Worry

I recently moved across the country, well, from south to north. It was a huge move. Think hot and now cold. This time last year I lived in Louisiana, where the Mississippi River empties into the Gulf, and now I … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Mudroom by Julie Arduini

Even though it hasn’t quite felt like spring as much as I’d like it to, I have started spring cleaning.This is our first full year in the house so it’s been fun figuring out what needs cleaning and what to … Continue reading

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That four-letter word

That four-letter word. No, not that word. It’s not dirty or profane, but it’s full of rottenness. Envy. I think most writers go through a time when they have to do battle with it head-on. Envy just doesn’t play fair. … Continue reading

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Old words are new again

When I was 13, I joined a teen Bible Quiz team at my church, and our group was led by a young married couple. Our quiz topic was the books of 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and we needed to learn … Continue reading

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Jesus: The Revolutionary with His Upside-Down Ideas

Have you ever thought about the many ideas that Jesus brought into human history? I was thinking about this, and it is clear that Jesus brought ideas that are upside down from the world’s way of thinking. We could call … Continue reading

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Two Things Required to Reign in Life

Tomorrow, I start a new home school year with my fifteen-year old grandson. This will be our second year working together to equip him with the knowledge he needs for life. My teacher’s manuals are stacked on my dining room … Continue reading

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I am Forgiven, Accepted and Loved Right Now! by Sarah Goebel

As I was doing at the time I last posted, I am reading from Gonzalez’s book, The Story of Christianity, and this past week I have been studying about the life of the monks. It is difficult for me to … Continue reading

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The Truth About Prayer Habits by Sarah Goebel

Whatever exercises we practice in the Christian life, they are in vain if done without the reading of Scripture and prayer. Yet sadly, most Christians go through life without an active prayer life. They worship, they go on mission trips, … Continue reading

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