God’s Lessons Found in Christian Suspense

I love the lessons that can be found in Christian fiction, and God bless the authors who strive to include God’s love and forgiveness in their books.

No matter what the hero and heroine are facing, God is there with them. Whether one or both are believers at the beginning of the story, they can see God working in their lives.

In AMONG THE INNOCENT, God brought two people connected to the same past together to grow their faith and to give them both the answers they’ve both been searching for.

God wrote the greatest love story of all time when He loved us enough to send Jesus to die on the cross. In Christian suspense, most stories feature two people who may or may not know each other at the start of the story, but as they face down danger, they draw closer, and risk everything to protect each other.

In AMISH WILDERNESS SURVIVAL, two people who are complete strangers to each other are forced to work together to figure out what happened to their kidnapped loved ones. By the end of the book, they have fallen in love, and put their trust in God to bring them through an uncertain future.

Just like we as Christians face an enemy, so do the hero and heroine in suspenseful fiction. How they deal with the challenges the villain throws at them, especially when things seem hopeless, can be a wonderful example of how Christians overcome whatever Satan brings our way through God.

In SINS OF THE PAST, the villain is a serial killer known as Judge who has appointed himself judge and executioner (sounds like someone else we know).   

I’ve always been a huge fan of Christian romantic suspense. It’s why I write it. I love how God’s love and forgiveness can be seen throughout the chapters of the story as well as His salvation.

So, the next time you set down to read a Christian fiction novel, I hope you will be able to feel the love of God that the author has painstakingly placed in the pages of their story.

John 21:25 says, Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.  

 Until next time,

I wish you God’s blessings!



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