“But You are a God of forgiveness, Gracious and compassionate, Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness;” Nehemiah 9:17

What is lovingkindness? I like what Barbara Johnson, Award-winning Christian author and Women of Faith Speaker emeritus, said about loving-kindness.

How many times are we tempted to do less because we’re in a hurry or have a deadline, or are on overload? In my Bible reading, I noticed that in one day, Jesus healed a man of leprosy, healed the centurion’s servant, cross the Sea of Galilee and healed a demon-possessed man, crossed back over to his hometown of Capernaum, and healed a paralytic…never once complaining or becoming ill with the people. And often we aren’t even kind to our waitstaff when we’re a little bit hungry.

There are many Scripture verses on loving-kindness, but I came across this verse and a sermon Spurgeon preached on it:

We have thought, O God, on Your lovingkindness…Psalm 48:9

In his sermon A Worthy Theme for Thought, Charles Spurgeon thought of three different people in the church and how they should each think and speak more of the lovingkindness of the LORD.

Now, my dear sister, you have talked about that rheumatism of yours to at least fifty people who have been to see you; suppose you tell your next visitor about the lovingkindness of the Lord to you.”

· “Yes, my dear brother, we all know that trade is bad, for you have told us so, every day, for I do not know how many years. And you have always been losing money, though you had no capital when you started; yet, somehow or other, you have managed to have something left even now. Well, we know that old story; could you not change your note just a little, and talk about the lovingkindness of the Lord?”

· “Yes, my friend, I know that many professing Christian people are not all that they profess to be; I have heard you say soever so many times. You say also, ‘There is no love in the church.’ Well, so far as we can see, you are not overstocked with it. You say, ‘There is no zeal among the members,’ but have you any to give away to those who need it? Now, henceforward, instead of always harping on the faults and failing of God’s people – which, certainly, are numerous enough, but have not become any fewer since you talked so much about them – would it not be better to think and talk of the lovingkindness of the Lord?”  A Worthy Theme for Thought, Charles Spurgeon 

My question for me today is: How many times am I like any or all of these three? Instead of complaining about the heat or cold, how about I praise God for the very air I breathe?

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