The Christmas Spirit by Tara Randel

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

The week leading up to Christmas is always hectic. Last minute things to do before the big day, maybe hustling to the store for a present or food to bring to a party. Then Christmas arrives and we visit with friends and family. All of this is common, but do we take a few minutes to thank the Father for the gift of Jesus? Or are we too busy?

If we get a bit forgetful, it’s not on purpose, I’m sure. As in all things, the pressures of life can overwhelm us. But when you look around, there are so many reminders of the season! Festive decorations as we drive here and there, even the twinkling tree in our own homes. Strangers greeting one another. Being generous because we can. There are so many times the spirit of the season is front and center.

I don’t have little ones at home any longer, so the month of December isn’t hectic for me. This year, I’ve taken to spending more time in God’s presence. To be thankful. To look ahead. To ask God, what can I do for you and your kingdom? For me, these quiet moments spent in prayer have been the best gift I could receive.

I hope you are gifted time of reflection and hope this year. In this crazy world we live in, we certainly need it!

Have a blessed holiday!

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