THE ALLY–new suspense by Peggy Webb


It was such a pleasure to team with the amazing writers/friends who put together The Philanthropists, a series of suspense and romantic suspense short reads for you!  The talented and wonderful Vicki Hinze and I have been friends almost forever. Years ago. she introduced me to another terrific woman and writer, Kathy Carmichael, who is such a superb Christian and good friend. I’m blessed to work with and get to know the other fine women on the team, Mary Alford, Patricia Bradley, and Ann Malley. God is good!


Today is pub day for my suspense novella, The Ally, fourth book in The Philanthropists series.  It’s set in my home state of Mississippi in the historic river-front city of Vicksburg. Like the Pulitzer Prize winner from Mississippi, the late, great author Eudora Welty, I enjoy putting a sense of place into my stories. When you read The Ally, you’ll discover that the setting is almost another character.

I always fall in love with my characters. When I finish a book, I feel as if I’m saying goodbye to old friends. The same is true of The Ally. I created two protagonists, who had lost everyone they love, in order to explore what that would be like and how they could find their way out of the darkness of loss and into the light of love. 

Of course, this is suspense, so I filled the pages with enough unsavory characters to keep you guessing about the identity of the villain.  Or is it villains? You’ll have to read to find out.  

I do hope you’ll enjoy the ride!


I have been writing professionally for thirty-seven years, nearly a hundred books and still going strong. Through the years, my readers/fans have cheered me on, written letters to me, prayed for me, and written reviews for me. 

In this busy holiday season, I hope you’ll find a moment for yourself to pour a cup of hot chocolate and read The Ally (a clean read)Like the other stories in this series, The Ally has no cliffhanger. The book can be read as a standalone (though I know you’ll want to read all six). 

After you’ve finished reading, I hope you will leave a review at Amazon and wherever else your social media takes you. Thank you so much for reading! I’ve included the buy link to all six books at the end of this post to make it easy for you to find The Ally. 

Have a blessed holiday! God is good.

Link to THE ALLY

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