When God Calls You Back

Growing up, I was the youngest of four kids and there was quite a bit of an age gap between my two brothers and myself. Though my sister was only a few years older, when she started school, I was left to my own devices until I was old enough to start school.

I remember many times I would be so engrossed in playing that I’d lose track of the time. Sometimes I would end up in one of my favorite spots to play and my mother would have to call me back because she’d be worried.  

We lived in a very small town, and I was surrounded by family all around, so I never worried about getting into trouble, but she didn’t like for me to wander too far from her watchful eyes.

As a grownup, I understand her concern completely. I’ve been there.

Her parental concern reminds me of how God loves us and cares for us. When we get off track, He calls us back to Him. He always watches out for us like the loving Father that He is.

Psalm 103:13 says, As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.

What an amazing Father we have.

All the best…

Mary Alford


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