The Earth, Design, and Written Records by James R. Coggins

Today I will not be presenting a new blog (which, in the chaotic lull between Christmas and New Year’s, no one will have time to read anyway). Instead, for your reading pleasure, I offer some original poems. (Yippee!) Hey, they are all short, and there is always an outside chance that you might find one of them mildly insightful or thought-provoking (or at least silly enough to laugh at).

Earthly Revolutions

Blithely we make New Year’s resolutions

which anticipate great revolutions

in our way of living.

And yet, unless the spirit deeply yearns,

we’re only like the earth that merely turns

round to its beginning.


Entering the cocoon,

the butterfly knows nothing of future beauty,

the promise already made.

She knows only blind obedience

to the irresistible call

of the One who knows the end from the beginning

because He planned it all.

The Written Record

We think we write in pencil,

not indelible ink,

unaware that we are not

the One who holds the eraser.

We think we will have a chance

to revise our record

before it is handed in to the Judge,

covering up the mistakes,

polishing the errors

till they shine,

unaware that the report has already been read,

the Judge not being bound by time.

Waiting Rooms

In waiting rooms for any cause,

we slip into idle, neutral, pause.

We cannot think or read or write

throughout the day or through the night.

We cannot hold our hand or mind

to steady work of any kind,

distracted wait in wakeful snooze

to hear the good or dreaded news.

The Great Cat Race

The cats agreed to hold a race

to determine first and second place.

And so they all began to run

till charges sidelined all the fun.

“You’re a cheetah!” one cat cried.

“And you are lion!” he replied.

Though he ran till he was hot,

the leopard could not change his spot.

“The race is fixed!” he cried aloud,

his cries unheeded by the crowd.

A sleek gazelle then happened by

and quickly captured every eye.

“The gazelle is mine!” rang out the call—

the race collapsed into a brawl.

About jrcoggins

James R. Coggins is a professional writer and editor based in British Columbia, Canada. He wrote his first novel in high school, but, fortunately for his later reputation as a writer, it was never published. He briefly served as a Christian magazine editor (for just over 20 years). He has written everything from scholarly and encyclopedia articles to jokes in Reader’s Digest (the jokes paid better). His six and a half published books include four John Smyth murder mysteries and one other, stand-alone novel. In his spare time, he operates Mill Lake Books, a small publishing imprint. His website is
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4 Responses to The Earth, Design, and Written Records by James R. Coggins

  1. Jim, I like your poems, but as a cat lover, I like the last one best. So clever!


  2. Nancy J. Farrier says:

    Jim, I love the cat poem. How fun. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Beverley Barrett says:

    Thank you Jim. Waiting Rooms spoke to me today. I recently slipped on ice breaking my right wrist. Now I continue the waiting room wait until the cast comes off…….Thanks for sharing.


    • jrcoggins says:

      Most comments refer to the silly poem, of course. But I am glad the waiting room resonated. It is a common experience. I wrote the poem while my wife was having cancer surgery, She has made a full recovery.


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