Usually at this time of the year, high schools around the country are celebrating a tradition known as homecoming. I’m sure with Covid, there are many schools that are not having the homecoming ceremonies or perhaps they are taking place in a different format.   

In the past, homecoming in high school was a big deal. There were mum corsages, parades, and pep rallies. Signs created by the cheerleaders and pep squad meant to fire-up both the football team and its fans. There is usually a weeklong celebration in which the school and the entire town get involved. The culmination of the week’s events is the football game and the crowning of the homecoming queen. Many former alumni from around the state and beyond return to their beloved high school to relive their teenage years.

Homecomings are special.

Recently, our church had a homecoming as well. We usually have one each year. Former members come and we fellowship over a meal and simply enjoy those who have come back home.

But there is another homecoming that I am looking forward to more than anything. The homecoming in Heaven when all those loved ones that have gone on before me will be there waiting for me. All the saints from the bible, and most importantly, the Father and the Son.

Can you imagine what a homecoming that will be? There are brief descriptions in the bible of Heaven, though we still know very little about it. But one day, there will be no more tears. No more sorrow, and no more pain. We will know each other as we are known. Jesus is preparing a place for us there. And there is worship like nothing we’ve experienced here on earth taking place in Heaven right now. I believe it will be loud and joyous and well, I can’t even imagine.

But I do know one thing. I can’t wait to be part of that homecoming. What about you?   

All the best…

Mary Alford


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1 Response to Homecoming

  1. B says:

    I can’t wait till that Heavenly homecoming either. What a rejoicing day that will be,


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