New Book Release by Tara Randel

I’m excited to share the release of my new book, Stealing Her Best Friend’s Heart, available now. This is the first book in a new series, The Golden Matchmakers Club.

I always enjoy starting a new series, creating new characters and story lines. But as for the setting? The book takes place in Golden Georgia, a fictitious small mountain town I introduced to readers in my last series. I love this place, it is truly the location where I would love to live. And I adore small towns, so this book, and the ones to follow, are close to my heart.

A home renovation…
Could change this friendship forever.

Heidi Welch has her eye on the perfect home…until Reid Masterson buys it! Now Heidi has one last chance to get back the home of her dreams from her childhood friend and longtime crush. If she helps Reid with the renovations, he’ll sell her the house. But “just friends” seems just about impossible…especially when friendship keeps getting in the way of falling in love.

I had a wonderful time with Heidi and Reid. And the Matchmakers Club? They took on a life of their own. Secondary characters are fun to write because they can get away with so much! As you’ll find out in this book.

I know down deep in my bones that God gave me this incredible career. I start every project giving Him glory, call on Him many times during the process, and dedicate each story to Him. If not for His favor, I don’t know if I’d be an author. I don’t take it lightly, but must confess, every minute writing is a gift.

Here is a short excerpt:

In the bright light, his eyes were the same deep shade as his hunter green shirt. He looked so good, so solid so… Reid. It hurt.

She stumbled and the tote slipped down her arm, landing on the floor. Two small cans rolled out and she got down on her knees to retrieve them.

Reid hurried over, placing his toolbox on a table before he joined her.

“You okay?”

“You just startled me. I thought I was alone.”

Reid reached for the can. Held it up and smiled. “Cat food?”

“I stopped by Masterson House earlier. Alveda gave them to me. She’s always buying toys or food for Mr. Whiskers.”

“I need to meet that lucky guy.”

Reid at her apartment? She nearly choked. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

“Usually she makes his food from scratch and sends it home with me. He’s picky, so I try to bribe him with fresh chicken, fish…”

Why was she going on about her cat?

Once she had her belongings inside the tote, she rose. Reid took hold of her arm to steady her. Actually, it was his casual touch that set her off-balance, but that seemed to be a regular reaction these days.


He tilted his head. “Are you okay?”

“Of course. I’m always good.”

He sent her a knowing look.

“I have a lot on my plate at the moment. No biggy.”

“Maybe you should slow down.”

So she had more time to spend with her ridiculous thoughts? No, thank you.

“I’ll be fine. Thanks for being concerned.”

“That’s what friends do.”

Ah, right. It was official. Reid did not have romantic feelings for her.

This was good, she told herself. Now she could move on. Get back on track. Look at Reid as her old buddy, not the hunky contractor who had a starring role in  her daydreams.

“I’m glad you said that,” she confirmed. “We are friends.”

There. She’d made a public declaration she wouldn’t take back.

I hope you get a chance to read Stealing Her Best Friend’s Heart. It’s is a fun summer read that will keep you occupied by the pool or at the beach.

Also, I have a book tour this week. Stop by Prism Book Tours for the schedule and enter to win a giveaway.






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