It’s almost Mother’s Day!

May is one of those beautiful months. The bleakness of winter is replaced by new life everywhere. Spring wildflowers become God’s special gift to each of us. And it’s the month we set aside to celebrate another gift from God. Our mothers.

They’re there for us from our first breath. They nurse our scrapes. Wipe away our tears. Are with us when we’re sick, or sad, or happy, or just in need of a friendly voice in a sometimes unfriendly world. For many of us, they’re the one who taught us about God.

And this Sunday, May 9th, is Mother’s Day.

Mothers are tough when they need to be, and gentle when we’re hurting. They impart words of wisdom whether we want to hear them or not. And those precious gems come to mind when we need them the most.

My mother has been gone for almost many years now, yet not a day goes by that I don’t think about something she told me, or did for me growing up. A mother’s lessons last a lifetime.

But there are other women in our lives that help to shape who we are. They are the aunts, the step-moms, and the mothers-in-law who play important parts in our lives and love us no matter what.

Mother’s Day is a great day to tell your mother how much she means to you, but don’t forget to say thank you to the other mothers in your life for the valuable contribution their presence has made in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mary Alford

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