How’s Spring Look Where You Are At?

Saturday was the first official day of spring and here in Texas the signs are all around.

I spotted my first bluebonnet yesterday, a sure sign the rest of the wildflowers are soon to follow.

The trees are beginning to bud, the fields are turning green. And the first mesquite tree on our property has bloomed. My father-in-law was a wise man. Though he only made it to the eighth grade in school, he was blessed with common sense and one thing he always said; when the mesquite trees bloom, winter is done. That was one of the many words of wisdom that he taught me through the years.    

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. A reminder of God’s promise of renewal. He renews our spirit daily. And just like springtime, he showers us with His blessings and restores our strength.

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Just seeing the new life blooming all around me definitely renews my spirit. It’s been a long hard 2020 and more than ever I think we all need our spirits renewed.  I pray that wherever you are—whether spring is popping its head out for you to enjoy, or winter is still holding fast—God will renew your sprit and help you run and not be weary. Walk and not grow faint.

Happy spring!

Today, I have a new Christian Suspense release entitled Firestorm, book eight of The Courage Under Fire series.

Here is a little about the book:

To save her brother’s life, Sarah Hancock must risk everything to find the one man who can bring Blake home. Former Navy SEAL, James Cooper.

Amidst talks of peace and the rise to power of Daniel Pamphili, the unthinkable happens—an attack like no one in Strike Force could have predicted proves the depths in which Pamphili is willing to go to silence Strike Force.

After a daring attempt results in Blake’s rescue, Pamphili steps up his attempts to find Strike Force.

Hiding out in the wilderness of Wyoming, Sarah’s and James’s relationship grows stronger. With the world quickly moving toward unprecedented times, Sarah knows she loves James and she’ll spend whatever time they have left here on earth loving him.

When Pamphili announces his pledge to rebuild the Jewish Temple, he sets in motion events that will mark the beginning of the end.

And the countdown clock is ticking down to zero!

All the best,

Mary Alford

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