Emerging Grateful

This week, in my part of Texas, the temperatures are going to be in the 60s. There’s sunshine outside my windows, and the snow has all melted.

After last week’s record-breaking weather conditions, these days are welcomed.

My husband and I woke up early Monday morning, on February 15th, to no electricity. . .and a cold like we have never seen before. Outside a blanket of white covered everything on top of the freezing rain that had fallen the day before. And we faced a situation that we’d never experienced before. Record temperatures that reached a low of 4 degrees and cold that was in the teens for days. Along with the weather, we went through days of rolling blackouts. Many lost power for most of the week along with water. It became a matter of survival at that point. Some people ended up sleeping in their cars to stay warm.

As you look at the pictures my husband took of our place, you’re probably thinking that doesn’t look so bad, and it wouldn’t have been except for the loss of power to heat homes and water to drink.

Some lost their lives.

In the days following, as the temperatures rose above freezing and the snow began to melt, the stores quickly emptied of essentials. Many stations ran out of gas. Still, Texas is slowly getting back to normal.  

As we emerge from the deep freeze of 2021, I am grateful. God brought us through with a new appreciation for what truly is important. Through the rolling blackouts when the power was out and the cold crept in, I was reminded that if I have Him holding my hand, I could get through whatever came my way.

I pray for those who lost loved ones to the cold. I ask God to give them His comfort, and that their loved ones’ sacrifice will shine a light on things that need to change.

And I hope all of you are doing okay in your part of the world today.


Mary Alford


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2 Responses to Emerging Grateful

  1. Kayla Lowe says:

    I am so saddened to hear that many lost their lives and pray for those who lost loved ones as well.

    Here in Tennessee, it got as low as 4 degrees (way colder than we ever see too!). Miraculously, we never lost power anywhere around here, which was such a blessing. Although my family has a backup generator for when we lose power, I know many around here don’t, so that was my main concern with all the ice and snow.

    Praise God for bringing us all through it okay! I am so glad you and your family pulled through as well.

    Yes, in the aftermath of such temperatures, it makes us much more grateful for warmer ones. My Dad and I stepped outside the day before yesterday when it was 57 degrees and joked that it felt like summer after the horribly freezing temperatures.

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  2. juliearduini says:

    There were so many FB friends sharing their status from Texas. It broke my heart and sent me to my knees. I’m so glad you emerged safely from the storm.


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