Updating Tech by Kathy Carmichael

Sometimes, even when you want to do anything but, you’re forced to update your password. At least for me, that’s a big “ugg.”

I went through this recently. Very recently. The aggravation still clings to me like a static-soaked sock stuck to a shirt as it emerges from the clothes dryer.

My iPhone needed to be updated, because, for my financial records with Apple, I needed 2-factor authentication. And, since I hadn’t updated my password since 2012 (when I bought this computer), even though it was an excellent and very secure password, I was forced to change it — by the tech overlords.

Changing it on my laptop meant changing it on my desktop computer, and on my iPhones and iPads and other Apple technology (of which I have too much I suspect) in my household.

I haven’t yet changed it on my hubby’s iPhone because his is really old and I’m not sure it will take the software changes required, which probably means I’m going to be forced to upgrade his phone first before I can update the password on it.

After making all of these changes, I realized I needed to update my wifi access on my iPhone in order to use my internet provider rather than the data-chugging cellular service offered by my cell provider  when I was away from home.

By this time, I admit my head began to spin. That trebled when I learned I had to install a Provider (!?!) on my iPhone. Don’t get me started about how many hoops I jumped through to accomplish this.

Next I emailed my son who is on our account with extremely detailed instructions on how he can accomplish this, too.

All of this happened after a sleepless night spent trying to understand a complex (at least to me) religious question when ultimately, around 5:00 am, Holy Spirit said, “Kathy, it’s simple, not complex, and here’s why.” Once He explained it, I saw what He meant.

Just like updating my password, sometimes I have to do things the long way and overthink things. More often that not, it seems.

I’m so grateful Holy Spirit has hung in there with me. I’ve got to be incredibly frustrating to deal with at times, and maybe even most of the time.

I feel exceptionally fortunate that Jesus blessed Christians with God’s Spirit. Holy Spirit has frequently helped me out of tight squeezes and advised me in a manner that led (I hope) to pleasing our Heavenly Father. This is something I strive to do all the time.

I pray the task is much easier for you should you need to update your password in the near future!

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