What Should I Say? (by Hannah Alexander

This is my husband’s expression when something slips out of my mouth that he isn’t accustomed to hearing from me.

It was my expression (without the beard) when I watched an uncensored bloopers reel yesterday, featuring popular shows of the 60s. These were family shows that exposed nary a cuss word. The bloopers, from some of my favorite shows, stunned me to my toes when the actors let loose with frustration and had to have another cut. Not that the words stunned me as an adult, but back then I was a little kid. Of course, I didn’t know what those words meant anyway. I still wanted to hold my hands over my younger self’s ears and hide the harshness of the world from…well…me.

As I get older…and older…sigh… Um, what was I saying? Oh, yes, as I get older, fewer things shock me. I get more lax about my own behavior, since I’m seldom around children. But I have decided to censor my own words and actions a little better as I consider whom it might affect.

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We love to hike, we love to read, and we love to write. We are active in a small house church that recently moved into a building that was once a parts store, so life is fun and exciting for us.
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3 Responses to What Should I Say? (by Hannah Alexander

  1. grammie27 says:

    That’s a good idea.


  2. It is sad to me how the world in general, and children as well, are more and more exposed to things that they shouldn’t be exposed to. People are becoming desensitized and things that were once shocking are now common. Mainly, I am sad that people are conforming to the world’s ways instead of transforming in God’s ways.

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  3. Yes, I hate to see that childhood taken from them.

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