Stand firm…

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” –John 16:33

These are unprecedented times. Even in WWII when it must have felt like the world was ending, people had each other to cling to. They weren’t told to stay six feet apart and avoid church and worship services. They knew they were in the battle together. This “war” is different. The enemy keeps changing. We don’t know enough about Covid 19 and so the vice grip keeps tightening and we try to figure out how to stand firm and keep our families safe under the new and differing guidelines.

I’m weary of this never-ending enemy. In California, the news is all bad. “Cancel Thanksgiving,” they say. “Cancel Christmas” while we watch politicians break the rules for lobbyist dinners at Michelin-star restaurants. It’s disconcerting. It’s depressing.

And yet, that isn’t our problem. We are believers. God has told us to stand firm. He is our peace. He is where we find solace. The Word of God doesn’t change and neither does He. When we watch the news and read the latest, we are putting ourselves in the reference point of man. But God has a higher vantage point. He is not surprised by any of this.

If you’re feeling down and overwhelmed by the news, turn it off. Turn up some worship music and let it echo around your home. Decorate for Christmas. Dance like no one is watching. Pray without ceasing. Anything to remind yourself that He is sovereign. He is ready and willing to show His mighty power. Wait with anticipation, do not let your humanity allow you to forget that He is capable of anything.

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5 Responses to Stand firm…

  1. Dr. Chuck says:

    good advice Kristen. Better to limit our media intake in these chaotic times. OUr focus determines our future. cwp

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  2. Yes, Kristin! Dance like no one is watching! I don’t watch news. I do keep up in other ways from people I trust. But I have to tell you, I tried teaching Mel how to dance to that video you showed me the other day. MAN! I’m so sore today! And Mel isn’t! LOL

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  3. Angela Wolthuis says:

    glad for this reminder in my reader feed this morning – thankyou!


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