Future You to Younger You by Kathy Carmichael

Three of my sisters and I were chatting (texting) today about all sorts of subjects. We talked about our health. We discussed how much we miss each other. We talked jobs and work and retirement. Eventually we got around to an especially intriguing topic. It would be fun to be able to advise our younger selves. What would we tell ourself if we could travel back in time and give advice to our younger self?

It’s an intriguing thought, isn’t it? My first idea was that I would go back and advise myself to study physics in college (I studied geology and while I love rocks and minerals, it hasn’t been much use to me in daily living). Then I decided I would tell myself to buy Microsoft stock as soon as it was publicly traded — and to eat low fat.

My sisters, however, are much wiser than me. I wanted to share some of their messages with you guys.

One sister said, “Skip that whole try to teach thing and pursue something creative as a career.” She’s had a successful career in the tech industry, so she hadn’t done either as a job. In fact, all of these sisters are techies and all extremely smart and successful. They are also especially creative, too.

Another sister said, “Give as much of your time to family and friends, recognize and be thankful for your blessings and give to others.” One sister pointed out to her that she already does that.

One sister said, “Floss!”

Another said, “Don’t marry that *******. Either of them!!” (Bleeped.)

The sister who already did that above said, “If you live your life in love, the rest is noise.” She added, “Everything that happens along your life journey is part of what makes you who you are. So learn from your mistakes but don’t regret anything!”

The bleeped sister said the wisest thing of all. “That is our purpose in life … love one another.”

And to leave this discussion on a high note, when I told my sisters I wanted to write an article about the discussion, and could I quote them, one sister said, “Well, sure, but if I knew that I would have come up with a better one.”

Wouldn’t we all? Maybe her future self can go back and warn her current self?

She added, “My new fave. Be here now, no promise of a tomorrow, so be present. Also get outside in nature every day. It soothes the soul.”

I can only say, again, I have the best and brightest sisters. I love them so very much!

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4 Responses to Future You to Younger You by Kathy Carmichael

  1. Wow…good read hey. I love that we should be here, now, enjoy the present. Also the part of investing in relationships, a good one right there.

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  2. How wonderful that the four of you have such a close relationship. There are definitely gems of truth in this conversation. Since we can’t go back and talk to our younger selves, I am thankful that we can start here and now to live out the advice of our more mature selves. ❤

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