The Age of Marketing

I’m a writer by nature. Meaning, I have no desire whatsoever to be in the public eye. Not even a little bit. I simply want to write my books and hide behind them. That isn’t okay in this marketing frenzy social media world. Now, I should mention that I have a degree in advertising with a marketing minor. I am not above the call of marketing. I believe in it. I believe in getting the word out there for others to know the gift you bring to the world.

The problem is, I can’t do that for myself. I can market other people and products NO problem. I know what other people bring to the table and what they have to offer. Hee are a few examples. Colleen Coble brings an exciting edge to Christian fiction with her heroic heroines in dangerous peril. She gives you a wild ride without taking you to dark places. That’s amazing.

Hannah Alexander brings us smart heroines in life and death situations from the medical field. Denise Hunter brings the sweetness of deep romance and delicious kisses without making one feel icky or violated.

I write dramady. Romantic comedy with darker themes that have touched me or my close friends over the years. My overall theme is always, God is not His people. Even though people can be rotten, God is always good. Whatever is sent to harm us, God uses for good. But to me, that’s something that’s not easy to “market.”

I mean, what is that? It’s not a straight genre. Why can’t I just have a straight genre like everyone else? Chick Lit is “over” but not for me. I love to write in first person and explore the depths of a character’s entire life, not simply her romantic life. So I’m stumped on marketing. I just want to write my little books and put them out in the world. Why is that so wrong that I do not have the personality for YouTube or TikTok — or even Instagram since I don’t take great photos due to bad eyesight. Anyway, here’s my one attempt and yes, I need to mix it up. What bugs you about this “put it all out there” world?

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2 Responses to The Age of Marketing

  1. I like what you’ve put there. Especially the sisterhood part, since that’s what this series is all about, and that is huge right now. It should always be huge, but you know what I mean.

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  2. I know what you mean! I am not one to put myself out there either. But I do like the ad you created.

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