San Diego is Dog/People Friendly

My AC went out in Arizona and while I waited for the warranty company, who proved useless, I went to San Diego to stay with my son and his new puppy. His wife was in Jupiter, Florida living the high life so it was up to Jonah and myself to train the puppy. Or should I say the puppy trained us?

San Diego is very dog friendly. Even though people live in very tiny houses, they have very big dogs. It’s such a friendly and beautiful city and why shouldn’t it be? Who wouldn’t be happy living by the gorgeous water and balmy weather of California perfection. Now, I’m a Northern California girl, but I would pick San Diego or Santa Barbara any day of the week if I had the money. Such a great city and may I just say as a new Arizona resident that if you go back to California, the manic aggressive driving comes right back to you. No issues there.

My son just got out of the Marines, so he has some free time on his hands until he goes back to school. He and his wife have been using their Quarantine time to housesit the dogs in their condo building. And in doing so, fell in love with a Boxer. My son had to have one of his own and started the mad hunt for a Boxer — which ironically came from our old home near San Jose, CA. He flew up and stayed with his in-laws the first night. Then, he was on his own. This is when my AC broke down and I needed a place to stay. I packed up and we outfitted the house so that dog is SET!

Anyway, my theory is dog people are happy people. So dog-friendly cities make for happier cities. I can’t prove this of course, but I have a grand puppy who has been loved everywhere we went. Malls, restaurants, and on Downtown walks. (Even though we kept her in her bag for most of the walks since she’s so young.)

So pictures don’t do this dog justice. Her brindle is very tiger-like and her face is gorgeous, but it doesn’t show up well in pictures.

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6 Responses to San Diego is Dog/People Friendly

  1. She is so cute! I agree – people with dogs are usually happier and usually good people too. ❤

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  2. I love this puppy! Who wouldn’t? I’m so sorry about that awful “insurance” company that takes your money but doesn’t follow through. I think that’s what’s called a scam. But puppies make life so much fun, if a little busy.

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    • Kristin says:

      And I’m in a lovely hotel right now and praising God I have the ability to ride this out. I was so sick yesterday from the heat. Everything looks better when you have perspective back to the valley.


  3. Perth Girl says:

    She is gorgeous. I love dogs and I do concur that dog people are usually happier people.

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  4. juliearduini says:

    I’m not even sorry that I’m about to confess how much I’ve loved the pictures you’ve posted across social media. I’m not a scary stalker, just a lover of dogs. You can tell that pup is loved. I hope your a/c is fixed soon!

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