The Writer’s Mind

Today, I got together with three fellow writers for a brainstorming session. We have known each other for over 20+ years, but I still think of them as my “new” friends because I grew up in one house with friends I’ve had since I was four. However, what’s special about these friends is we share the writer mind. We think creativity and are constantly asking ‘what if?’ — What if this happened? What if? Having other people to ask and answer these questions creates and energy all its own and there is nothing better than bringing together writerly minds. Creativity breeds creativity. I think that’s why there are great eras of music, of art and of literature.

The wonderful thing about writers who have known each other a long time is that we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. The brainstorming is based on what that author can and will create, but I think it kicks it up to the next level when you have that trusted input. I think it’s the perfect picture of iron sharpens iron. We make each other better when we recognize the different parts of the body and the best way to use those skills. That’s why I certainly hope that all this “working from home” business comes to an end soon.

Writers are used to working alone. It’s in our job description, but even we need that human connection to strive for the next level in literature. The human spirit will prevail through this time of quarantine, but I am grateful for the daily human interaction that writing sprints over Zoom provide, but nothing is like meeting face-to-face and allowing the writerly mind to soar.

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2 Responses to The Writer’s Mind

  1. I love those brainstorm sessions so much! Like a family reunion.


  2. What a blessing to have friends you can brainstorm with! Great post!


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