A Sad Fourth…

If you’ve been in this country for any length of time then you know that the Fourth of July is a big deal. There are get-togethers and BBQ’s. There are fireworks! It’s a day to celebrate family, friends, fun and freedom. You crank up the tunes and have a grand old time.

Only this year, there wasn’t any fireworks. Family and friends were quarantined so even if you did have a party, it was small and it resembled your everyday isolation that is Covid-19 reality.

I was with my mother, father and brother. My kids were all off quarantining in different parts of California and I spent the day in the pool reading a book. Granted, there are a lot worse places to be, but as an eternal optimist, I am really struggling with the quarantine — and I’m an extreme introvert so I don’t know how all you extroverts are doing.

The 4th really brought it home — all that we’ve given up. We are celebrating our freedom where there is none. Even if we can get out, we are wearing gloves, masks and staying six feet away from one another. I’m grateful we are able to celebrate at all and we’re not struggling with the virus, but this holiday weekend really reminded me how good we had it. Why can’t you ever appreciate what you have in the moment?

I thought I did — and then, I couldn’t go to T.J. Maxx to escape. I couldn’t go to Starbucks at 10 p.m. so I could write late into the night. The Bible tells us to be thankful in all circumstances and I am, but I can’t wait to celebrate true freedom again.

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2 Responses to A Sad Fourth…

  1. juliearduini says:

    When I think about a great 4th, I remember the bicentennial. I was young, but I can still recall the patriotism and how free everything felt. Picnics. Sports. Everyone laughing. At least, that’s how my mind remembers. This was definitely different. Sad, indeed.

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  2. I hadn’t thought of that, Kris. Wow. I don’t party on the Fourth, so it wasn’t different for me. We went hiking in the mountains and saw some fireworks outside our upstairs bedroom window. Not good with crowds, that’s typical of me, but I can see how it must have been hard for others.

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