For Your Downtime (by Hannah Alexander)

I wholeheartedly endorse what Vicki said yesterday, and what other buddies of mine have said here about the world pandemic. All I have to add to is that: Mel and I are in our third week of fever and cough and fatigue after a coworker of his tested positive for COVID19. This stuff is more contagious than anything we’ve seen in a long, long time. We’re getting through it but it lasts much longer than we expected. I would advise that you not get it if you can prevent it.

However, even sick, we have been able to read–most of the time. I placed one of our books free with Kindle for today and tomorrow, so if you want to read a fast-paced romantic suspense along the lines of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, click and read at no cost.

May you be safe and blessed and covered in God’s peace today and throughout this time of questions and alarm. God is still in control.

Someone has murdered Dr. Sable Chamberlin’s grandfather and she’s next on the list. Can she and her very stalwart trust fund cowboy paramedic (say that three times fast!) Paul Murphy escape the killers and uncover the conspiracy before more people die? When an ice storm strands them in their hideaway with a busload of suspicious strangers, Sable and Paul can trust no one but each other. Their only hope of escaping her grandfather’s tragic fate is to uncover the secret he was seeking and expose the identity of the mastermind behind the evil. But danger lurks in every shadow when they discover they have a stalker.

Find it here:


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We love to hike, we love to read, and we love to write. We are active in a small house church that recently moved into a building that was once a parts store, so life is fun and exciting for us.
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4 Responses to For Your Downtime (by Hannah Alexander)

  1. I am so sorry to hear you two have it! Praying for you both! And I just downloaded the book. Thanks! ❤️

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  2. Yay, Bridget! I hope you enjoy it. We’re hanging in there. It lasts longer than two weeks in many cases–like ours–and it’s so much more contagious than anyone expects. However, once one has had it, then we just have to be careful about carrying it to those who can’t handle it as well.

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  3. Nancy J. Farrier says:

    I’m praying for you both. I’m sorry to hear you are sick.


  4. Thank you, Nancy. We have to drive to another state today to get meds for us and a friend who isn’t doing as well as we are. So you can see we’re doing MUCH better.


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