Ladies Only, Please (by Hannah Alexander)

I never thought I’d be posting this message at this stage in my life. I mean, many of us are no longer in our teens or twenties. Some of us are much older, and would never dream that we might become a stumbling block for men. We’re past that, right? Well, my husband doesn’t think I am, but that’s different.

My friend Deb, in the middle in the picture above, is a genius with style. She always wears something she has designed when we have our class reunions. One thing she does is dress conservatively. Of course, at our age, we all do. Pretty much. But from time to time, especially in winter when I wear my snow boots–which is all SEVEN months of winter–I like to wear leggings with those boots so they don’t wrinkle and bind. This means they are quite form fitting. I will wear a long sweater or shirt over it that covers pretty much everything. Pretty much. And besides, I’m old now. What man besides my husband would consider me seductive?

However, I was dressed this way the other day when I was out and about, and realized too late that the top I wore did not cover every inch it need to cover. And I noticed this in the eyes of a boy who appeared to be coming of age. I was astounded and very sorry.

My mother tried to tell me when I was a teenager that boys reacted to visual stimuli more than girls. She should know, since she had eight brothers. But it was difficult for me to understand since I wasn’t wired that way, and so like a typical teen, I tuned her out.

Now I remember my mother’s words, and those of my wise stepson who long ago warned me that most teenaged boys had very little control of their imaginations. He was a teen at the time, and so he did know what he was talking about.

I had thought that there would come a time when, due to age, I could dress however I wanted and not worry about becoming a stumbling block to men. I don’t worry about grown men now, but I would like to protect those younger ones who haven’t learned control over their observations. They are still children trying to figure out the world. If I were the mother or grandmother of one of those young ones, I would appreciate it if other women would respect their struggle and help keep their minds pure.


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We love to hike, we love to read, and we love to write. We are active in a small house church that recently moved into a building that was once a parts store, so life is fun and exciting for us.
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4 Responses to Ladies Only, Please (by Hannah Alexander)

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I do agree with you very much that we should be careful about what we wear. Unfortunately, many people these days wear whatever they want. And they think that the everyone else should just deal with it. So thank you for being brave and taking on this sensitive subject!

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  2. Thanks, Bridget. This is for any woman of any age or size. I wish we could all dress to keep the consciences of older children in mind, if for no other reason. It just takes a little compassion.

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  3. amandajessie says:

    I feel very strongly about dressing properly! I’m so thankful for posts like this where someone speaks up about what needs to be said. God clearly tells us in the Bible that he want us to dress modestly.

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  4. Thanks, Amanda. Sometimes when we get a little older we start to think there’s really nothing to see. LOL

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