… consists of 57 stories, written by 43 authors, of those special feelings, romantic relationships and true love.

The literary genre, Romance (which about 30 of my 59 novels are labeled), is often referred to as being Happily-Ever-After and some scorn the idea, implying that the stories are unrealistic. However, these novels do not claim lifelong happiness any more than we can assure anyone that theirs will be a lasting marriage.

True, there’s a fairy tale world in which a mythical Knight in Shining Armor rescues the Damsel in Distress, they marry, and he supports her while she raises the children. (Frankly, that sounds ideal to me!)

And that describes one of the main aspects of my 40+ years of marriage. In a sense, my husband rescued me from the unattached life into an attached life, which I preferred. Being 17 years older than I was is perhaps what made him my ideal knight in shining armor. He was my friend, mentor, lover, provider, counselor, and teacher.

Seem rather unequal? Not at all. He recognized potential gifts and talents within me and supported my attempts at reaching my life’s goals. He was a good, moral, intelligent man with a strong belief in God Jehovah, but was not a Christian. As we journeyed in our life together, attended church, and discussed faith, he eventually realized his need for a personal relationship with Christ and gave Jesus his heart. Our good marriage resulted in the blessing of four wonderful children.

book - romantic articles

This is me, when in Paris, with my current Knight in Shining Armor!

Regardless of how romantic or in love a couple may be, in fiction or in real life, they encounter difficulties that may weaken or strengthen their relationship or marriage. A romance novel ends with a commitment of love, and sometimes a wedding, which is among one’s happiest days with a hope and intent of maintaining marriage vows. In Romantic Moments, some authors tell of personal experiences, others talk about their novels and the romance/relationships included.

One might expect a book about romance would be written primarily by women. However, many men contributed to this book. They have intriguing outlooks about romance, love, and marriage. These stories vary, from humorous to serious, sad to happy, hope to disappointment, idealism to realism, and the myriad of emotions one experiences, human and divine.

This is the 15th book in the Moments Series, written by hundreds of men, women, and children who have a story to tell, a poem to share, a thought to ponder. Some are written by experienced authors. Others have never been published, but have a story to tell. And none get any monetary payment since all royalties go to Samaritan’s Purse, a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that provides spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world.

You’re invited to share your story. We’re now accepting for Christmas 2020 Moments (Santa, Jesus, experiences), Grandma’s Cookie Jar Moments (warm, cozy articles), Can, Sir! Moments (anything about cancer), Broken Moments (serious or humorous), and Lost Moments (serious or humorous).

These stories sometimes change lives…forever. Others bring a thought to ponder. Some present a lesson learned. Many are experiences to share. While others give us a moment of entertainment, bring laughter or a smile.

I’d love to hear from you. Contact me for details or send your story attached to an email:

About yvon63

Yvonne, with 73 books to her credit, is an award-winning, best-selling author of 57 novels with more than 3,000,000 books in print. Her work has been published throughout the US and in Germany, Holland, and Norway. Yvonne loves to read in many genres, so she writes for readers of Romance, Women’s Fiction, Christian Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Young Adult, Biblical times and stories including suspense, humor, true events and thought-provoking plots with intriguing characters. She lives in panoramic western North Carolina with her Pomeranian, Rigel.
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