Drummers Drumming by James R. Coggins

When my daughters were teenagers and began to bring home young men, I would attempt to engage them in conversation.

One day, the conversation gravitated toward music.

“Are you a musician?” I asked one prospect.

Yeah,” he replied. “I’m a drummer.”

The problem wasn’t that he thought drummers were actually musicians. The problem was that he was a drummer.

Oh, I admit that drummers may be useful in some ways, but they are hardly husband material. You see, drummers travel to a different beat.

Way back, when I was in the school band at my high school, the band was playing in rehearsal one day when they conductor suddenly stopped us by banging on a music stand with his baton.

When silence was achieved, he glared at the drummers and demanded, “Is that what is in your music?”

The drummers looked stupefied. They looked at the conductor, looked at each other, and then looked back at the conductor. Finally, one of them reached forward to his music stand and opened his music book.

The drummers didn’t care what the rest of us were playing. They didn’t care what the composer had written. They were just doing their own thing.

As I said, not husband material.  

About jrcoggins

James R. Coggins is a professional writer and editor based in British Columbia, Canada. He wrote his first novel in high school, but, fortunately for his later reputation as a writer, it was never published. He briefly served as a Christian magazine editor (for just over 20 years). He has written everything from scholarly and encyclopedia articles to jokes in Reader’s Digest (the jokes paid better). His six and a half published books include four John Smyth murder mysteries and one other, stand-alone novel. In his spare time, he operates Mill Lake Books, a small publishing imprint. His website is www.coggins.ca
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7 Responses to Drummers Drumming by James R. Coggins

  1. Very insightful! And funny.


  2. Alexis H. says:

    I disagree tremendously, while not all drummers are made equal; my grandfather was a phenomenal drummer and he made a even better husband to my grandmother then made a even better father to my mother and her sister. He has taught me so much in life that I carry today with me, and is a devoted Christian. Drummers can be amazing people given the right situation and faith.


  3. jrcoggins says:

    This blog was tongue in cheek. There are exceptions to every exaggeration. I myself have known some drummers who weren’t total flakes. One or two. 🙂


  4. Jaeda Epp says:

    Wait, was this my husband you speak of? 🤣


  5. jrcoggins says:

    I don’t remember. That was a long time ago. There were a lot of drummers. As I said, there are exceptions.


  6. Ringo says:

    God bless good drummers.


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