Remembering Christmas by Yvonne Lehman


Remembering Christmas, Samaritans's purse, yvonne lehman, Christians ReadChristmases . . . and the many stories about Christmas, considered good, bad, happy, sad, as a child, an adult, with family, with groups, alone, overworked, Santa, Jesus, traditions, poverty, plenty,

receiving, giving…


My thoughts linger for a while on the hundreds of authors who have so generously given stories for the Moments series. Remembering Christmas is the 143h Moments book and the 5th Christmas book.



I get emails from the authors, telling me what a blessing it is for them

to share their stories. Others say someone else’s life has been positively

changed or strengthened. There have been family members, even entire

families, that have accepted Jesus as Savior and Lord because of Moments

stories. Some are used as devotions.


One of the writers, whom I see frequently, goes out of her way to seek

me out, hug me, and thank me for accepting her story. She acts as if

she received a wonderful gift by being able to share her story. She is the

happiest giver I’ve ever known.


Some have said, “I don’t know if you can use this article. It’s not much.”

Well, that depends. The widow’s mite wasn’t much (the smallest

Roman coin; two pennies), but Jesus tells us in the Bible that he was

more impressed with her gift than with the rich man’s gift.


Whether light, entertaining, or serious, each story serves a purpose.

When these stories are put together in a collection, and published, they

become a part of world-wide giving since all the royalties go to Samaritan’s

Purse, the organization that reaches out to the world in physical and

spiritual need. They become a life-changing possibility in the moment

a child, who lives in a poor country, has never received a gift, excitedly

opens a shoebox.


Thanks to all who for remembering . . . and sharing.


You’re welcome to share a Christmas memory, or your thoughts

about Christmas for our Christmas 2020 Moments book. Simply

attach it to an email to me at




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2 Responses to Remembering Christmas by Yvonne Lehman

  1. chabot4me says:

    Here is a friendly thought about Christmas.
    In the history of the Kings there was a winter celebration that enveloped the winter solstice.
    Many of the Kings would aim to have their Coronation on the day also. It is interesting that Jesus is called the King of Kings also. The next time someone tells you that Jesus was not Born on Christmas Day, that it is actually a celebration of the Winter Solstice.
    Tell them this. Jesus is the King of Kings, so I happy to celebrate his day on the day the Kings tried to hold their celebration for the Winter Solstice.
    You see it doesn’t matter if Jesus was born on Christmas Day or not. What matters is that we are able to celebrate it in the first place.


  2. yvon63 says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments. So true… about what matters. Thanks!


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