The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

Have you ever known someone who loved money?  I mean, truly loved money.  Loved hoarding it, stashing it, earning it at all costs, destroying people for it — that kind of love of money?

I’ve seen this recently after people’s death and those left fight over the inheritance and items…stuff.  It’s the saddest thing to me.  My family, praise God, never had that kind of greed in them.  No one ever expected inheritance and for the most part, the only one we received was in the love and consideration our relatives gave us in life.

However, some people truly don’t want love.  They want money and I have seen it rip apart families.  Siblings don’t talk to each other. Stepparents are pit against grown children, etc., etc. It’s often at the root of motives for murder. The movie, Judy, about the life of talented star Judy Garland, illustrates this point to a “T.” Judy can’t trust anyone.  Everyone around her is using her talent as a means to get rich.  She is collateral damage.


I’ve been rich in this lifetime and not rich.  It’s certainly better to be rich.  But it’s vital to be rich in love.  Money?  You can make more money.  But it’s so true, “Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income.” Ecc. 5:10

It seems our country has this illness in spades.  Retail is going under because people would rather get things cheaper and faster online.  Our country’s homes are being sold to the highest bidder, regardless of which enemies of the state might be buying them up.  And Instagram is filled with aimless millennials each trying to show off their “swag” and designer clothes, but not actually enjoying their lives.

The answer is Jesus, of course.  Empty lives and vacant pursuits will not satisfy, but our love of money seems to be the battle for our very souls.  Unlike money, love and compassion soothe a weary soul and offer hope to the hopeless.  I’m praying for the soul of our nation and I hope you are too.



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2 Responses to The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

  1. So very true, Kris. I’ve seen it, too, and we see it a lot on social media. I try to stay away from most of that. But the love of money ruins lives, and that’s why the Bible warns so strongly against it.

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