Technology gets a bad rap…

My kids are currently all over the planet.  (I have four!) I know people complain that technology has taken the place of face-to-face conversations, but I have to give a hardy shout-out to tech from my humble abode in Silicon Valley.

Facebook has a page for parents and spouses of Sailors and Marines deployed on my son’s boat.  This morning, I saw my son’s friend in one of the pictures.  My son is NEVER in pictures and so when I saw his friend, I asked him, “Where were you?”

“About eight feet from the guy taking the picture.”

Typical.  But I could ask him that question.  And he could write me back and he’s in the Middle East somewhere and so, technology is a beautiful thing.

IMG_4787Then, this morning I was in CVS and I get a FaceTime call from my daughter (in another state going to school) and she shows me this jacket she wants to buy.  “Do you like it?”  Translated:  Do you like it enough where I can put it on your credit card?

I did not.  So we negotiated something else, but to see her beautiful face and have her tell me she loved me over technology, well, that’s a beautiful thing.

My oldest was home sick with strep yesterday, so I went to the doctors “with” him via text and my youngest boy SnapChats me every day from his college so I can see his handsome face and what he’s up to.

While technology will never take the place of seeing my kids, I am so thrilled that I am still an active part of their lives while they live their dreams! My mom just told me I couldn’t move more than 50 miles away. Maybe tech was invented by someone who had an Italian mother…



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4 Responses to Technology gets a bad rap…

  1. Kris, I do love keeping in touch with friends and family by technology. Otherwise, it could get lonely.

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  2. I agree! How wonderful that we can speak to and see faces of our loved ones, hundreds or thousands of miles away!

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