Proud Author Moments…

As a writer, you never know how someone will interact with your book.  Sometimes, it’s in terrible ways, you couldn’t have imagined.  And sometimes, it’s absolutely a God-thing.  More than you can imagine.



A few months ago, a reader’s boyfriend contacted me through Facebook and said that his girlfriend loved my books.  “A Billion Reasons Why” was her favorite and he wanted to propose using the book in his proposal.  So, Kristin being Kristin, I didn’t have any copies of the book — so once my mom rescued me with a copy, I wrote in the book, “XX, Will you marry Dylan?” Then I signed it.  I sent it off to him and didn’t hear anything for a few months.

Last I’d heard, he was planning to propose that month.  So at first, I thought, “Oh no.  He didn’t propose.”  Then I imagined, maybe she said NO!”

I’m happy to report, it was none of those things.  You see, Dylan had quite the elaborate proposal planned that included a trip to the library and a librarian who was in on the ruse.

I should mention that she found a copy of “The Theory of Happily Ever After” and didn’t know I had a new book out.  So my marketing minor failed me there.  I digress.  So our heroine picks up said book and she’s upset.  Because there are no library markings on the book and that’s not right.  So our hero asks her to look inside.  She does and he drops to one knee.  Are you swooning yet?  Because a guy who proposes in a library is Mr. Darcy quality, am I right?

Anyway, the happy couple is engaged now and planning their wedding and I just think it’s a life highlight that my book got to be involved!  I feel a little like “Emma” with slightly better matchmaking results.

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5 Responses to Proud Author Moments…

  1. Vicki Hinze says:

    Kristin, I LOVED THIS! For an author, it’s these kinds of moments that really light up our writing lives. I am so thrilled for the happy couple–and for you!


  2. juliearduini says:

    I love this!


  3. Judy says:

    How fun is that? Woohoo!


  4. notyourseason says:

    That is awesome!! I also loved that book as well!


  5. Oh my goodness!! This is the sweetest thing ever!! 💜


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