“Look for the helpers.”

Mr. Rogers used to say that in the face of tragedy and scary times.  Look for the helpers. I know life is tough out there, but as Christians, we really should look for the helpers.  The lessons for us and the earthly angels God has sent us.  Being grateful for what’s good helps us to not get mired in the Valley and keep our eyes on the prize: Heaven.  This is not our world!

The crazy thing is, when we do something kind for someone else, it really benefits us.  Something that is not that big of a deal to us, might be life-changing for another.  Case in point, I could not fix something on my website and I was paying twice for something that I could not afford.  I could not figure it out. The company I host with would not answer the phone and their helper was not in America and not great at English.  Add that to my inferior knowledge of website management and you have a recipe for disaster.

Well, a few years ago a young reader of mine in Stratford-Upon-Avon (how literary, right?) told me that my website was not dynamic.  That apparently means it won’t open well on a phone — which is how most people read websites these days.  So she took it upon herself to redesign my whole website.  She told me that God had impressed upon her to do it.  Well, the result was so much more “me” than the other one and there is really no way I can make it up to her.

This morning, she went on the site where I was having trouble and fixed my entire problem.  Just because.  She’s a young mother.  She’s got a job and she’s starting her own business.  But she took the time to help me out in my frustrations.

When I was about to give up writing, a fellow blogger here, Cheryl Hodde told me to send her my stuff.  She’d edit it. Colleen Coble paid my way to a conference recently so I could meet with my agents. I could go on and on…

0-5It’s not in my nature to accept help and that is something that God has impressed upon me over the years in the Valley.  But it is in my nature to look for the helpers.  It’s been very humbling to be on the other side of “helping” but I am so grateful.  I encourage you today to look at a situation that isn’t great — where are the helpers?  Maybe it’s just a friend who lets you vent and makes you laugh. (Sibella Giorello and Melanie Dickerson for me.)

Writing is my world.  When I don’t write, I’m not me.  Am I Shakespeare?  Certainly not, but God gave me a purpose and I’m grateful for every person who helps me get back to the keyboard so that I can do what I’m called to do.  Where are your helpers today?  Have you thanked God for them by name today? Do it.  It will change your outlook and remind you that God is always with you.


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2 Responses to “Look for the helpers.”

  1. Kris, you didn’t mention that you are also a helper! You have helped me tremendously with my work-in-progress. Sometimes we help, sometimes we need help. It all works.

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  2. Kristin says:

    Thank you for saying that. I like to be in the background to help. I never understood why people think an author should speak. I speak through my writing. That way I can edit myself. LOL


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